Land resources

Land plots are given on rent to investors for investment project realization with the possibility of own infrastructure construction.

Total area of land plots is 2520 hectares, out of which 1925 hectares are of agricultural use.

Land plots are highly fertile.They are suitable for plant-growing and stock-raising. Land plots can be given on rent for the period of 99 years.

The maximum size of a land plot given on rent within FEZ is not limited.

Rental rate depends on the cadastre cost of land plot according to its functional purpose and appointed multiplier.


Order for registration of documents on land renting

  • Resident applies to Administration for a land plot allocation with the calculation and grounds of the size of a land plot requested.
  • FEZ Gomel-Raton Administration selects land plots.
  • Resident collects initial data necessary for a land plot selection.
  • Administration makes the decision on a land plot selection,on approval of the object location,on the permission to perform the design and survey works.
  • Resident performs the design and survey works, passes the project.
  • Resident develops the project of a land plot allocation.
  • FEZ Administration makes the decision on a land plot withdrawal and allocation.
  • Resident ensures the establishment of a land plot borders on the area.
  • Contract on land renting is concluded between FEZ Administration and FEZ Resident.