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A conference “Topical issues of FEZ activity”

A conference “Topical issues of FEZ activity” was held in FEZ Gomel-Raton Administration on September 3-4. 
Agenda: the discussion of possible changes in FEZ legislation, development of new approaches of work in order to improve competitiveness of Free Economic Zones.
Today FEZ form almost 17% of industrial production, 20% of foreign direct investment and almost 20% of the country's export. Preserving the potential of Belarusian FEZ to attract investors and to the goods manufactured in it is paramount due to increasing competition for FDi. To do so it is necessary to make certain adjustments to the legislation.
Heads of Free Economic Zones, specialists in the field of investment, economics, legislation, the Deputy Minister of Economy Mrs. Nikitina, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and the Gomel Regional Executive Committee took part in the conference.