FEZ Gomel-Raton creation in the city of Gomel was predetermined by advantageos geographic situation of the city near the south-eastern border of Belarus with the Ukraine and Russia on the cross-road of trade routes from Europe and Russia, from the Baltic states and Scandinavia to the Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia and the Middle East.

The city of Gomel today is a complex transport junction,the largest one in the south-east of Belarus, where railway lines, highways and air routes to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, the Caucasus, Kiev, the Crimea, Odessa, Brest, the Baltic trades ports Klaipeda, Kaliningrad and other intersect. Free Economic Zone borders international airport Gomel.

A railway junction,one of the largest in the republic, is situated in Gomel. Railway lines connect Gomel with Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Kiev, Minsk, Brest. Transport European corridor passes through Gomel with the sublines to Minsk and Klaipeda providing the shippers from the regions of the Eastern and Western Ukraine, Central Russia with the exit to the specialised sea-ports of Klaipeda (Lithiuania), Ventspils (Latvia) and Kaliningrad (Russia). The railway junction Gomel possesses warehouses complex for all kinds of cargo storage. A net of approach railway lines permits to deliver cargo directly to the production area of the majority of the enterprises within FEZ territory.

The city of Gomel is situated on the intersection of the three international highways: Helsinki - S.Petersburg - Gomel - Kiev - Sofia - Athens; Brest - Gomel - Bryansk-Voronezh - Rostov-on-the-Don; Ventspils - Vilnius - Minsk - Gomel.