The Republican Unitary Service Enterprise “Agency for Development and Investment Promotion” was established by the Administration of the FEZ “Gomel-Raton” and has been a resident since July 1999.

The Agency provides a wide range of services: business planning and investment support in the region, marketing research, customs clearance services within the free customs zones, technical supervision in construction, customer functions, and project management.


The Agency for Development and Investment Promotion (RSPE) is developing business plans in the following areas:
  • business plans for a bank loan
  • business plans for the development of the enterprise for the year and a development forecast for 5 years
  • business plans for investment projects
  • business plans for registering a company as a resident of a free economic zone
  • business plans for a startup
  • technical and economic audit

The development of business plans is carried out by highly qualified specialists on the basis of the requirements and recommendations established by the Rules for the development of business plans for investment projects.

We have considerable experience in developing serious and responsible projects in various fields of industry, agriculture and trade. During the period of its activity, the Agency for Development and Investment Promotion has developed more than 200 projects, most of which are being successfully implemented to date.

When developing business plans for you, we guarantee their compliance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.


The company provides engineering services in the following areas:
  • project management in construction - a set of activities aimed at optimizing the time and means of the customer
  • construction site management - services that provide savings in material, technical and financial resources, shortening the construction of the facility, reducing costs and making a profit
  • technical supervision in construction - work related to the implementation of a set of measures, the purpose of which is to make the construction process more understandable and manageable for the Customer. All work carried out by contractors is assessed and adjusted by technical supervision specialists. The work of technical supervision also includes monitoring the correctness of all technical documentation for the construction
  • organization and control of construction progress
  • cost verification
  • providing the Customer with full information on the construction progress
  • organization of commissioning of completed construction projects

The Agency for Development and Investment Promotion has a certificate of compliance with the first category for the functions of a customer, developer, engineering services for the integrated management of construction activities in the field of construction of objects of the first to fourth classes of complexity, including technical supervision of all types of work. He is a member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA - ISO 9001 certificate) and the Union of Builders of the Republic of Belarus. The company has been issued a quality certificate in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 for performing the functions of a customer, developer, project manager - the provision of engineering services, and technical supervision in construction.


The provision of services for customs clearance of goods creates favorable conditions for the residents of the FEZ "Gomel-Raton" in the form of priority clearance of imported raw materials and equipment. On the territory of the enterprise there is a temporary storage warehouse with a customs clearance point, which operates around the clock.
All this reduces the time of customs clearance and ensures the timeliness of fulfillment of contractual obligations by resident enterprises of the FEZ for export deliveries.

The platform for the placement of vehicles with imported raw materials allows you to simultaneously place 82 road trains. During the year, on average, over 2.5 thousand road trains are located on the territory of the temporary storage warehouse.

The company also has the ability to provide services for the storage and placement of goods and vehicles not controlled by the customs authorities. The area of ​​this site is 8,000 m2 and includes an inspection overpass and a checkpoint building.


The Agency for Development and Investment Promotion provides the professional services for conducting marketing research necessary for making management decisions and analyzing market trends, as well as determining the most effective marketing tools for the successful development of the company.
The company offers the following types of marketing services to Belarusian and foreign companies:
  • research of domestic and foreign markets, their structure dynamics
  • research of consumers, competitors, goods, prices
  • development of product promotion strategies and market assessment in the implementation of investment projects

When conducting a marketing research, we rely on official statistical data, reliable secondary information (publications and interviews in the media, reviews and analytics) presented in public and private sources, not only Belarusian but also foreign organizations, which allows us to conduct in-depth analysis of the market for any countries to objectively assess market conditions.


Director - Alexander Margunov
Adress: 29, Fedyuninskogo st., office 1-2, Gomel 246000
Tel.: +375 (232) 21-28-01
Fax: +375 (232) 22-36-72