State registration of foreign investors allows you to create a new company in the republic of Belarus. FEZ Administration is the registering body. It only takes us 1 day to create a new company.


BEFORE filing documents for state registration with the registering authority, it is necessary TO:

  • GET APPROVAL with the registering authority FOR THE NAME of the organization (the procedure for approval)
  • determine the intended LOCATION of the organization within the boundaries of the FEZ
  • DECIDE to establish the organization and prepare its Constitution (Founders Agreement - for a commercial organization acting only on the basis of the founders agreement)
Submit to FEZ Gomel-Raton Administration of the documents for the approval of the name of the organization:
  • application (download form here)
  • a copy of the document confirming in the established procedure the powers of the applicant, in case of presentation of documents by representatives of a legal or natural person
  • permission to use surnames, pseudonyms of well-known persons or use of names in cases established by law
The list of documents to be submitted to FEZ Gomel-Raton Administration for the for state registration of a legal entity:
application for state registration (form for a commercial organization, form for a non-profit organization)
  • Constitution (Founders Agreement) in duplicate without notarial certification and its electronic copy (in .doc or .pdf format)
  • legalized extract from the trade register of the country of the institution or other equivalent proof of the legal status of the organization in accordance with the legislation of the country of its establishment or a notarized copy of these documents (the extract must be dated no later than one year before the date of application for state registration) with a translation into Belarusian or Russian language (the translator's signature is to be notarized) - for the owner of the property, the founders, which are foreign organizations
  • a copy of an identity document with a translation into Belarusian or Russian (the translator’s signature is to be notarized) - for the owner of the property, founders who are foreign individuals
  • the original or a copy of the payment document confirming the payment of the state fee (payment of the fee).
  • detailed information on the state registration of legal entities can be found in the section "Legislation"


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